This is the year for boy babies. Three in the last few months in my circle! Where are the girls I can sew sweet little numbers for??? Luckily, Lauren from Tadah! Patterns has designed an awesome little Vintie overall pattern that is quick and lovely to sew.


There’s something about grey and cream pinstripes I can’t get enough of. I keep buying it and setting it aside for different projects! If only I could make a little train cap to go with these babies, it would fit right in!


As for the sewing, I came unstuck at the yoke. I think i cinched the overalls in too much (incorrect markings on my behalf?) and ended up with a narrow yoke that did not seem right. It didn’t help that I also thought I’d be clever and add piping between the main outfit and the yoke which did not work! So, the whole lot got unpicked and I cut two new yokes, adjusted my markings and I think the final result is on track. A lined, seamless yoke, literally. A beautiful thing…


Lauren uses a separate placket for the snaps (great idea!); and with trimmed seams it means you are not trying to hammer snaps through ridiculous amounts of fabric. I think this is my neatest press-stud construction yet, so I was really happy with how this part came together.


I sewed a size 0 but I can’t help but feel they look very long in the leg… With my recipient bub down in Melbourne there’s no trial fitting to be done so we will wait and see at what age he gets into them!