I’m so pleased to be presenting my first foray into Tadah Patterns! A friend of mine introduced me to Tadah’s FB page last year and although I bought some patterns on sale it has taken till now to get started. I chose the Library Tunic first, as it seemed like a great option for preschool and I have been looking for some long-sleeve dresses as winter approaches.


I am also really happy to be making a fellow Aussie’s patterns and was curious to see how they worked. Most of the blogs and designers I follow originate out of the States so it makes me really excited to find talent close to home, in Tadah’s case, in my own home-town!


The instructions are clear and detailed – no stone is left unturned! It actually made me feel like I was sewing an Oliver + S pattern which is really saying something. Lauren even gives you a list of printing pages for the version and size you are making which makes me a very happy sewer from the outset!


It’s possibly hard to see with this busy fabric, but the joy of this dress is in the detail. There is a series of pintucks in the front: which on looking at the original pattern photos, I may have done inside-out, but hey, it creates a different effect. A choice of collars and sleeve lengths give lots of options and the curved hem is another sweet detail. There’s another pintuck on the back below the yoke providing a nice little interest.


I made the size 5 as usual for Bugs, and although I did refer to the measurements for this size, I feel it’s a little tight across her back (see above). She doesn’t complain of not being able to move, but I am tempted to make a 6 next time for a little extra wiggle room, even though she’s not yet 4 1/2 (she is my sweet giant though).


Fabric is more Andover chambray and this slightly retro little geometric pastel that I picked up from Spotlight a while back.


Seriously, the instructions for making the button placket are so clearly set out I was so happy with my result. I added interfacing to both sides as I think it makes it easier to cut the button holes once sewn, but it did add a little bulk. Probably added to the button-hole side only would have sufficed.


Again, I would have liked a little more growth room in the sleeve, and yet at the same time, for an active pre-schooler, long sleeves might just get in the way!


This next photo is for those who know Buggy first-hand to say, doesn’t she look like she’s aged a couple of years overnight! This is Bugs doing her silly walks – AKA 4 year-old runway.


How gorgeous is this setting?  A great time of year to be visiting my sister and her family in Bathurst for May birthdays. The trees are all changing colour and yet the weather was surprisingly mild.

The horses came right up to the fence for patting earlier, but by the time Bugs could be convinced of taking some photos they had made their exit. Carrot below got eaten by Hamster instead of said horses…


All I know is, there will be more Library Tunics to follow. So many favourite patterns now!