Recently,  launched her new season’s corduroy line called Small World with Cloud 9. Cloud 9 is certainly becoming go to fabric that you can trust will be gorgeous in every way. And the best part is they stock some of their lines at Spotlight! (well not Small World… ahem… so more online ordering for me for now).


Small World corduroy is super soft and all the prints are bright and bold. I really wanted the Lemon drop pattern for some funky preschool pants but alas Hawthorne Threads were already sold out!


I had initially thought to make something for Hamster with this print but then I thought it would make the perfect preschool dress for Bugs paired with her favourite prime colour red.


And finally I have made my first Compagnie M Louisa dress. I cut this pattern out last year but somehow didn’t get to making it into a dress so I was so excited to finally get to this point this season, albeit having to cut out the next size!


Luckily I had enough yellow fabric to make my own piping (I hate how much you have to cut into a piece of fabric for this job!) and some spare buttons and I decided to extend the sleeves by a couple of inches, as although 3/4 sleeves look nice, they actually annoy me, truth be known. I find them impractical. If you are going to wear a lined dress you want long sleeves so your arms don’t get cold! (No fault of the designer, just my particular preference!)

The other thing with these sleeves, mine ended up a lot wider than the armhole and I am pretty sure my cutting wasn’t that bad. Good thing for Oliver + S training, so I implemented the sleeve technique from their PJ pattern of basting a row of stitches around the top of the sleeve to synch it in a bit till it fit the armhole. It worked and I’m glad, as I would not have wanted to cut the width of them.


The sewing went pretty well, up until I had to attach the lining to the invisible zipper. I was so proud to this point how great my zipper had turned out; using my technique from my Rollie Pollies where you sew the two back pieces together first, then attach the zipper, then unpick the seam and voila! your zip appears all perfect!

But then you have to attach the lining.

I should have stopped at my first sew-on but I didn’t feel like I had caught the lining well enough, so I went back and re-sewed a few areas and somehow caught up my outer fabric doing this so now the result is not so clean on the outside of the zip. And you know, by then I can’t tell what stitches are what to go back and unpick any of it. So blah, will try and improve next time…


I know I’ve been saying it a lot lately, but this might now be my favourite dress pattern for Buggy. It’s so fun and roomy for lots of crazy stuff.


Look at those gorgeous ballet legs developing!


Oh! And I forgot to mention of course, that front section is a HUGE pocket for all those fantastic goodies that 4-year-olds pick up on their adventures!