This might be it for my Wild Things foray in this season’s KCW. Denim and leopard print pants and a ‘two’-tee in case you weren’t sure where all this spunk came from!

oliver + s pajama pant hack1

God I love this child! ‘But of course!’, you say, he’s yours. But it’s the break in the wild and stormy clouds that surround his little head a few times a day that make these moments extra delicious. And who doesn’t love a little role play?!

oliver + s pajama pant hack2

When I was deciding what to do for KCW, I pulled out an old throw we own (the leopard print fleece) and wondered what lovely animal pants and bonnets I could make. So many great ideas on Pinterest… But when Hamster was 1 he had these awesome funky duds that we bought from St Kilda markets that were denim one leg and cowboy fur the other.

oliver + s pajama pant hack10

I loved them and they were super sturdy for boy action, so I figured I’d try and replicate them from memory using my old faithful Oliver + S pajama pants pattern. I am definitely getting my money’s worth out of that one!

oliver + s pajama pant hack5

I didn’t include the cuffs but added a pocket and star knee patch to jazz things up a bit.

oliver + s pajama pant hack8

The denim is uber stiff right now, but I made a handbag out of it a couple of years back that I use everyday and it has really softened up so I think these will go well after a few washes.

oliver + s pajama pant hack11

A simple Cotton On top (finally a shop whose tees aren’t all embellished with images), gave me the canvas for the ‘two’ (inspiration here. I love their fabric combo!).

oliver + s pajama pant hack4

People often ask me when I have time to sew. These pants were made before work one morning when this munch-cake woke me at 5am. Often I feel like I need to have achieved something if I have to be up that early and it helps me check my resentment that can rear its head! But it’s hard to be cross with this face for long for lack of sleep.

oliver + s pajama pant hack6

I wanted to include the photo above also because: we came a cross a cheeky lorikeet in the park. Every time Hamster stepped forward, the lorikeet looked at him curiously and ‘meeped’ at him. Hamster thought it was the funniest thing ever and evidently so did the bird!

oliver + S pajama pant hack