Finally, a second KCW outfit finished. Somehow, I think this season’s theme is going to be all about little boy sewing for me.

oliver + s woodland pajama pants

I have had this metre of woodland creatures fabric for some time and couldn’t wait to use it in some pants for Hamster. Even hubby remarked would there be enough left over for a little something for him! More daddy pj pants? …


I made my old faithful Oliver + S sleepover pajama pants with chambray cuffs and fashioned a few rough pockets to protect the white from the eventual dirt of too many falls on the bottom.


The perfect pants for feeding ducks and other little boy exploration!


The fabric is quite a sturdy cotton which didn’t seem soft enough for doughy two-year-old legs, so I lined them with a sheer white flannelette which also makes them extra snuggy for cold days.


I’ve made this little foxy top before so this version was quick, as I simply traced over my last year’s template. I was going to try and be more original, but I love the little foxy face so much! Usually I zig-zag my applique, but with the fox I make a simple straight stitch around each piece, with the two-sided interface to help bonding. The slight fray of fabric that will ensue adds to his furry face!


Check out this photo below…


I just love it. I feel like Hamster is posing in front of a painted backdrop, such is the softness of the branches and foliage. I’m pretty slap dash with my photography so I jump with surprise when a gorgeous finish appears out of nowhere!