Recently, my good friend Bee asked me to help her make some felt food for her niece. It’s been in the back of my mind to make more for my kids after the great success of our sandwiches and cupcakes but felt food craft always seems to take a back seat to sewing clothes for everyone.

felt food9

While Bee was busy making biscuits, sandwich fillings and pasta, I decided to focus on my kids favourite snacks of summer as a small tribute as we head into the gruelling cold of Sydney winter (heh heh, I know, my Northern hemisphere counterparts are scoffing right now!).

Strawberries, ice-creams and watermelon. Yum!

There’s lots of tutorials for how to make felt food on the web, but these days I juts look at some pictures and make them up as I go along. I’m trying to be sustainable and use my fabric off-cuts as filling with a little bit of soft stuffing to fill in the cracks.

felt food13

Have you ever wondered how I get my kids to participate in these photo shoots? Well, normally, they are amazingly compliant and have enough ego to enjoy being the centre of attention. And of course, they were actually very excited to play with their new pretend food.  But today Hamster was not being the most willing model, so I had to resort to some sneaky tricks: crushed Easter egg in the bottom of the bowls! Worked a treat!

felt food14xx