I’ve got a thing about pinafores and tunics lately. I want to see more of them so I’ve been collecting some ideas on Pinterest. I think a tunic is the perfect layering option for the change of season and for a girl who doesn’t fancy herself a pant wearer.


Every Easter I am also always drawn to appliquéd bunnies, so once again, I felt the need to venture down appliqué avenue for my Easter girl just as I did with last year’s Easter peasant blouse.

For some time, I’ve wanted to do something with my old Peter Alexander summer gown which has always been too tight on the arms and after humid Darwin, had collected those unshiftable mould spots on the shoulder. I love the sweet floral pattern and couldn’t see it go to the bin, so I’m especially excited about this upcycle project. In fact, it might be my first upcycle project!


I must have stared at the gown for half an hour one night until hubby woke me from my stupor asking me what I was doing. Figuring out how to cut my pieces in the right way to avoid the gown’s seam lines, that’s what! In the end, there was no way around it but to cut seams-and-all into my lining pieces, but in fact, where the seams fell turned out symmetrical for each rear overlapping panel which don’t look half bad (and of course no-ones sees them because they are on the inside, but you know, I see them).


As you can see above near Bug’s hand, there wasn’t quite enough to line the tunic front, but I love the hint of colour where I could include it! As well as the bunny and lined pockets!


The pattern is imaginegnats Roly Poly pinafore. I made a size 5 and added about three inches to the length to give it dress coverage. Of course, the only issue is that with a 4-year-old’s activity levels, despite plenty of overlap at the back, the flaps still open up mid-flight. I’m still deciding whether to add a little tie to the back or whether leggings are a compulsory item to wear with it…


I felt the instructions were a little light on in places: it took me a little while to work out the pockets, particularly as the pinafore is fully lined, so in the end I referred to my Oliver + S pocket instructions from my Hide-and-Seek pattern which worked a treat.


I must sound like  I sponsor Andover chambray – yes this is it in black. (But when I buy fabric online I need to make it worth my while 😉 Actually, this piece was reserved for a dress for moi till I realised sadly there wasn’t enough!


How divine are those boots, am I right?! Fresh from Charlie & Me and match Hamster’s in navy from last season. And for those of you who know Buggy, yes that is her latest Fred below, named Br’er Fred, for his two-toned fur.


We are having such a mild Easter, despite the miserable rain last Saturday, but I think it’s about to cool down as April settles in.