Do any of you fellow bloggers feel like the older your kids get, the harder it is to get the right expression on their face? My two-year-old, easy! Looks straight at the camera with arresting eyes. Four-year-old sister = goofball! Still, she makes me smile…


Ahem, onto the sewing…
Introducing Buggy’s First Day Dress from Dana Made It!!!

The great twirly dress, certain to be a winner with this little groover!


This was Buggy’s Christmas dress so I chose a festive red Andover fabric – Pearl Bracelet by Lizzy House. And to make it more Christmassy, I chose a mint green for the underskirt (this time I didn’t sew the two layers together like in my first version).


This dress is really an awesome sew. I mean I am always amazed at how actually easy this dress comes together. I was under pressure to get it finished by the time a few Christmas parties and concerts arrived, and I think I cut and sewed it in an evening and morning! Simple but ultimately effective! What more can you want??!


I love the button I found for the back fastening but I know for next time to make the split a little deeper for my boofy head daughter (I know I keep saying it! Let’s put it down to lots of brains, or hair!)


With the current Sydney humidity, we had a fight to get the dress off over her head the other night as it stuck to her stubbornly. But it hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of her favourite wears (the red helps!)


I love the movement this dress affords whilst giving such a girly look.


I’m pretty certain this won’t be our last version of this staple, in fact I know so, as I already have the next fabric picked out in my stash!


Meanwhile let’s smell the buttercups and take in this loveliness a bit more!