You may recall late last year we had a Woodsy Tea Party for my two munch-cakes. Well here are Hamster’s Charles dungarees from Compagnie M in a little more detail.


This is my second pair of these babies (the first being his Pinocchio set) and they never fail to make me smile with their sweetness.


I paired the Fox in Gray from Ed Emberley with Jennifer Sampou’s Check in Black. And lucky for me there is enough check for a nice little pair of strides later this year.


I’m getting more familiar with this pattern but have never used the buttonhole elastic for the waist, simply because I never get around to buying any. For my first pair, I wiggled a bit of elastic ad-hoc in the back but for this pair I decided to leave the waist loose.


This is ok, but it means the straps need to be on fairly firmly to bring the waist line to Hamster’s waistline. I am not sure he will get a lot of growth out of them though. Second time around I’ve noticed the crotch area is fairly firm in these pants for the nappy wearers. I think if I make another pair I will potentially sew a size 3 bottom with size 2 top to get a little more room for that padded toosh.


Mind you, they haven’t stopped this adventurer getting where he needs to be!


I’m looking forward to making some long pairs for winter and giving my little man a retro overalls snuggly look.


There’s not a lot of variation in boys’ sewing so I am loving these dungarees!