This has been a bumper year for my sewing and my blog. So I wanted to write a little thank you to all of you who took the time to flick through my photos and words. According to my wordpress annual report (yes they do that!), “A New York City subway train holds 1200 people. This blog was viewed 6200 times in 2014″. Woo hoo! Thank you commuters.

Are you as eager as me to know the top 5 favourite creations as voted by your clicks?


1. First Day Dress. Yep, this little snappy number is a big hit with you guys as much as the wearer. I have a Christmas version to show you when I find time away from visits to the zoo (we bought an annual pass, suddenly we are zoo nuts).


2. The 8.05 Sleep Express. What I may not have told you is that the daddy pants were ultimately a fail, as I messed up on my self drafted pattern around the butt. While these have sat on the shelf awaiting a new owner, the mini me pants have had a solid flogging. But wait till 2015, when I reveal the “replacement pair”!


3. The Woodsy Tea Party Georgia Dress. My most recent post, but a gorgeous dress for a gorgeous girl. The most elaborate sew I have done and I loved every minute.


4. The Maude Jacket. How could we forget that splash of colour and that winning smile! This jacket will be a keeper, squirrelled away hopefully for the day my little grand-kids-to-be can wear it!


5. The Peekaboo Bonnet. Loved this sew, loved the simplicity and the reminder of bygone eras when bonnets were the thing. I still plan to make Bugs one!


A special prize goes to the Little Red Riding Hood Ice-cream Dress which received the most comments and is also my all-time favourite sew this year. So much so, it’s still hanging in Buggy’s wardrobe (just-in-case) even though she practically grew out of it during this photo shoot. That head. That hair. So voluminous….

And finally, I’d like to mention my favourite designer for 2014 – Compagnie M. I love these patterns and I can’t wait for my 2015 plans for the patterns untried and a few reruns of my favourites (which might be all of them!)

1. Pinocchio Charles dungarees   2. Lotta Skirt for women   3. Lotta dress
4. Charles dungarees   5. Mara blouse   6. Lucy dress


What a year of challenges. Mostly, I can’t believe how much my little guys, who fill my heart with joy, have grown.

To use Buggy’s terminology, from big 1 and big 3 ….


…to little 2 and little 4.

Happy New Year everyone and thank you for reading. See you in 2015. xxxx