I can still count on one hand the things I’ve sewn for myself (if we ignore the easy peasy maternity skirts that were a strip of fabric attached to wide elastic). My 2015 New Year’s Resolution is to change that. So, when a friend said we needed to wear Xmas outfits to her end of year party I decided now was a good time to try out Rae’s Washi dress pattern.


With a scooped neck, pockets and shirred back, it makes for a an easy sew and an easy, practical wear. I made the small and it is super comfortable, not chaffing at the armholes as I have found some other patterns prone to do.


You may not see on this picture, but I did contemplate taking out the stitching around the neckline. Probably not noticeable to anyone but me, but I didn’t like it interfering with my chevron lines! Rae provides a couple of different ways to attach the yoke so perhaps I will try version 2 next time.

In a way, this dress served as my calico. I wasn’t overly worried if  a dress I only wear once a year didn’t work out. But in the end I wore it to numerous pre-school concerts and Xmas gatherings! Looking forward to making another Washi!

On a different note, we hosted Christmas this year, and along with the famous family recipe pudding I decided to make my own table decorations from Urban Crafter.


I got these DIY boxes on special and I loved their effect. Ok, so I had my sister painting wooden cutlery and ply-board at midnight Christmas Eve but it adds to the festive fun right?!

Merry Christmas to all and safe & happy holidays xx