My Bug recently celebrated her fourth birthday with a Wild and Woodsy Tea Party. So we knew we needed a dress that was magical for the occasion.


The Georgia Vintage dress by the Cottage Mama was designed reminiscent of a dress Lindsay’s mum wore in the 50s. I just adore it and the sleeves and bib top remind me of maxi dresses I wore in the late 70s!


I actually ordered my fabric quantities incorrectly – I meant for the floral ‘Emmy Grace Budquette in Dayspring’ to be the bib apron and the blue ‘Emmy Grace, Knotty in Rain’ to make up the underskirt; and although Bugs was unsure of the blue at first, we both think the change in layers worked out for the best.


Especially since the large sash bow ends up in floral.


I used a cream satin ribbon for my piping on the bib,


and managed to find those beautifully covered pink buttons in Spotlight. The blue ric-rac sets off the collar just right I think.


I used interfacing in the collar but I’m not overly happy with the result. It does make it stiff but I also found it a little crinkly no matter how much I ironed it.


I also used a pink ric-rac on the skirt when I realised I needed a lot more of the original ribbon I had picked out. The underskirt and apron undeniably have a lot of fabric! Much to Buggy’s joy. I do think this is her favourite dress I have made to date.


Because my Bug likes long skirts and she is super tall, I ended up using a rolled hem on the floral underskirt so we didn’t waste any length.


The nice thing is, it’s actually not a particularly hard sew, it’s all the embellishments that add time to your project.


And even though at times I thought perhaps it was getting overly decorative, I think this is the dress where you can get away with it!


A perfect Alice in Wonderland inspired outfit.





Happy birthday sweet girl!