It’s that time of year when everything gets a little crazy before Christmas. Our kids celebrated their birthdays!


All year, Bugs had been set on a Rainbow party (because she went to one in January) which morphed into a Rainbow Farm party for awhile, but then one day watching Jemima’s Big Adventure, Bugs and I were spellbound by the idea of a woodsy tea party.

Thankfully, the crazy storms of Sydney held off so we could hold our celebrations in our gorgeous and quiet local park. This place is so magical for kids. And the hail waited till we were packed up and back at the house. Thank-you.

There’s nothing like sisterly love to make party preps the night before actually enjoyable! And thanks too to Ibby for the endless washing up!



I decided making animal mask kits for the kids to put together would be good fun on the day. Didn’t foresee that the glue wouldn’t dry as soon as they wanted to wear them but the stapler got us out of trouble! Unfortunately only the raccoon and fox were photographed and the owl remained elusive. I got my templates here except for the raccoon which dear husband designed at the 11th hour.

Hamster’s highlight was by far the scribble cubby house. He had the most glorious time in there for most of the party.

And it can’t be a party these days it seems without a good ol’ fashioned pinata.

I know you’ve noticed. Cute dress right? Sweet overalls? I’ll let on about that awesome sewing in coming weeks.

And the cake. This is my favourite cake of all time as it looks so magical with minimal effort on my behalf. Sweet sister made three sponges for the construction and I only had to take out a mortgage to pay for the Schleich animal figures. Thankfully we owned the Sylvanian tea set and furniture already. But no complicated icing. Win! (I’ve been admiring inspiration cakes here and here.)



Happy birthday monkeys!