This is Juniper Kitty. She comes from a whole family of softies from Alicia Paulson’s online shop. I’ve been following this chic’s blog (posie gets cozy) for sometime and dreaming of living in her house where everything vintage styles together, my daughter wears hair clips and keeps them in, and we take quilts (which i’ve made) to the beach without my family destroying them…. ahhh…..

On to the sewing. I finally convinced my dear friend Tan that we should make some softies together during our Thursday night gossip and Bachelor sessions. In the end, I was quite relieved when the Bachelor season came to an end as there was not much sewing getting done and I think we lost a few brain cells during that time!


In the end, I definitely brought up the rear whilst Tan took off with vigour starching whiskers and re-sewing sections when she wasn’t happy with her blanket stitch. (Incidentally, she made Maggie Rabbit) I was too distracted by my other projects, but finally after a few months, here we are!


The kits arrive to you with all the fabrics and embroidery cottons. Tan kindly knitted my kitty’s shrug as, let’s face it, I don’t really knit. It was a bit smaller than the picture in the pack, so I fastened a button, but this has worked in our favour, as being yanked around by a 3-year-old, it would have been the first item lost!


Most of the sewing is by hand, great tv project (if you can tear your eyes of Bachie girls and their bitching), and there are such sweet little details like the buckles and heels on the boots.

We are so impressed by our results we’ve bought the next kit, Mr Basil Fox. He’s intended for the Hamster but Bugs will probably be custodian till he comes of age to not destroy him (not sure she does a much better job either, but there you go). If you stop by her website, while you are there, check out the Xmas decoration packs. Beautiful! Mine are on order, but with December already here, I may be sewing for next year!