When Buggy was a baby and her hat continually slipped forward over her face in the pram, my mum always said she needed an old-fashioned bonnet. The problem was, at that stage my sewing repertoire amounted to a few pairs of baby shoes and maybe a romper.


Years later I discovered Made by Rae’s peekaboo bonnet, and settled on sewing for this amazing looking child.

peekaboo bonnet

I mean seriously could your eyes be any blue-er, your cheeks any more delicious?!!


This bonnet is so awesome and both my children loved trying it on! And I love that it is reversible, to match any outfit!


Such an easy sew, I even made my own piping as I once again could not be bothered getting in the car to drive to Spotlight. Sydney traffic man! But in the end, the floral piping I think worked out much better than my initial idea to add red.


My outer mustard fabric is the same Andover chambray I used for Buggy’s Pocahontas Hide and Seek dress. I should get commission from them lately! The floral is a sweet vintage cotton I picked up from Reverse Garbage. I also used it in Buggy’s Mara Blouse if you recall.


The brim is pretty long, great for keeping out that unwanted sun, but this little lady also liked to wear hers folded back to keep an eye on the action.


Look how beautiful the back gathers! Did I mention – EASY SEW! I was so impressed with the look for minimal effort.


Definitely going to make one for Buggy when I get through my birthday/Xmas sewing! I think she can pull it off even though she’s almost four. A Little Women look!


I just wish I had more little girl cherubs to sew for. Friends, you hear that, hint, hint! Thank you to Miss E for her first modelling assignment. She was pretty beat by the end! As I’m sure her mamma was too. Thanks Amy xx