I don’t sew for myself much, even though I have all these grand designs, because somehow sewing for my little people always comes first. I get so excited by their sweet outfits. But this week is different.


This week I get to take part in Compagnie M’s Lotta skirt tour!! To say I was chuffed to be a part of things is an under-statement. I think I may have done a little dance when Marte emailed me much to hubby’s amusement and bafflement. Ahem.. onto the business of the skirt.


Similar to the Lotta dress that came out for girls, the skirt version is available in kids through adult sizes. I used Andover chambray and quite a stiff cotton for my pocket lining, and both worked well. (If I ever stay focussed you will see this speckled blue fabric soon in a much larger project!)


I was a little worried about the fit as I didn’t choose to use the buttonhole elastic, but needn’t have been. It’s fantastic. (but I do need work on my invisible zippers!)


And I did add a couple of extra inches to the length as I like a skirt at the knee. Looking forward to making more of these babies and I wait patiently for Marte to come out with the women’s version of the Lotta dress. Hint! Hint!


You can buy the pattern here and if you are quick you can get a 10% discount if you order before the end of the pattern tour
Discount codes:
GIRLS: Lotta-girls-10
WOMEN: Lotta-women-teens-10