The pressure was on today to finish my final KCW outfit ready for the P party and ready for ‘tools down’ when my amazing hubby walks out of his last medical exam (because as much as I will love having him ‘present’ in our family life again away from the study, the sewing time will equally diminish! 🙂 )


Enter my Pocahontas-inspired, “Let it go!” singing Bugster!


Oh, and don’t look up Pocahontas. This outfit is nothing really like the East-coast Indian, but you know, inspiration and all that. (Ew! Don’t look at the state of that shed wall. Next job!)


Like the Lotta dress pattern, I’ve had this Oliver + S Hide and Seek dress pattern waiting in the wings for some time. The plan was to make them in (lower hemisphere) Autumn, but the season came and went and here we are in Spring worrying about growing out of size 4 patterns for a girl who is still 3! I even added 2 inches more to the length and while the bodice is a nice size for movement I am glad I added those inches!


The Hide and Seek dresses I’ve admired on flickr which stand out most are those with a little trim and I was dying to work with pom-poms, so here we are. Except, I forgot to add them in the first sew, which meant a lot of unpicking last night! They are a bit snow-bunny rather than Native American princess, but those Virginian winter nights can get mighty cold too!


It may be a bit difficult to see the psychedelic glass buttons but they have been calling to me each visit to the local button outlet. Maybe because they are so gaudy I am strangely attracted to them. And strangely they tied in nicely with this dress.


The main fabric is more mustard Andover chambray. Such a great basic for many outfits! And the bodice panel is April Rhodes’ Agave Field. Lined in the pockets as well!


Remember, the teepee?


Still going strong four houses later! And now my little Indian has a matching home.


This dress is such a great pre-school dress, perfect for tree climbing.


And goofy antics!



Perfect for my Bugs.


NB: For the mummy bloggers out there: while I have been typing, Buggy has helped herself to the sudocream and given Hamster a white mohawk. Zinc cream all over the Pocahontas dress, and we all know how hard it is to get out!! 😦