Storybook theme continues on Kids Clothes Week and coincidentally this week I had material on the sewing table to cut out for a Pinocchio outfit for an upcoming P-party.


Marte from Compagnie M made my visions a reality with her newly released Charles dungarees pattern. I just love this chick’s style. I mean seriously! How cute are these duds?!!! How cute is this child?!!


Ok, I might be a bit biassed on that last comment, but I am really in love with the dungarees (and my Hamster of course).


I made the size 2 and decided to omit the buttonhole elastic in the waistband because who has time to drive to Spotlight when there is sewing to be done! I did put some elastic under the waistband but to be honest the fit is pretty good so next pair (yes there will be another!) I might not bother.


The fabric is ‘Hourglass’ by Joel Dewberry which was actually bought for a First Day Dress for Bugs, but I dipped into it as I thought it had the right amount of fanfare for my little Pinocchio.


The pattern was fairly straightforward except when it came time to assemble front and back together and it took me some time to figure out what was required. I think it would be useful to have more pictures of the dungaree construction throughout the instructions rather than pictures of the shorts option.


I have to talk about my props during this shoot. Balls – out. For a little boy the whole thing gets out of hand very quickly.


I put an apple and a book in his little case and for the first time this fussy little eater was intent on eating THE WHOLE APPLE! Munching does not make for good photos! Next try, coercement by lolly.


Nuff said. What a munchcake! Finally, “look for the snake in the book!” Progress! A moment of stillness and a sweet, sweet picture!