The talented people at Sewpony and StraightGrain have organised a sew-along to celebrate the wonderful books written by Marcel Marlier from the ’50s onwards. I was intrigued as these books look right up Buggy’s (and my) alley. We don’t own any yet, but I have my eye on a couple of purchases for birthday number 4.


I took this opportunity to make a dress I have had my heart set on for the longest time – Compagnie M’s Lotta dress. Oh Lotta how I love thee!!!!


Is this the cutest dress or what?!!


One of the harder sews for me lately, but definitely my most favourite dress to sew since my Red Riding Hood ice-cream dress. Let this be a warning to you, MANY photos to come.


The tricky bits of this dress are the curves of the lapels and pockets, but Marte guides you through with some great instructions.


And just quietly I am happy with how they turned out. My favourite projects are definitely biased by the fabric and I just love this floral vintage cotton. The contrasting fabric is a mustard Andover chambray. I have been admiring these chambrays for a while and finally bought a stash in a few colours so they will be popping up regularly.


The bodice is lined and I got into trouble one night sewing up the wrong parts! But only because I tend to rush and not read instructions properly!


Marte likes to serge all her edges first but I find it puckers the fabric so prefer to do this as I go. In hindsight, I would probably also sew my buttons last as my fourth one is too close to the skirt seam for my liking. But who’s judging? 🙂 (I also was too lazy to walk up to the button shop for extra blue buttons so we’ve gone with a couple of alternating green ones with the same white pin-stripe)


I made Bugs a size 5 despite the fact that she is not even 4 yet! But I am glad, as it has a bit of room for growth so we might see the summer through!


Now, anyone who knows me, knows that since I had kids I seem to have a bit of nervous energy where I can’t sit and read a book anymore but need to be on the go (mostly sewing).marcel_marlier_small3

I even wrote myself a list the other night for my sewing schedule till Christmas. Self imposed deadlines. What a nutcase!

But then this happened:


We went to the Playschool concert and Bugs returned home with a Jemima doll. So now I’ve got it in my head to make Jemima some matching dresses to add to the madness.


You’re not going to see any of these outfits close up as they are barely a step up from the clothes I made my brother’s teddy when I was about 12. I’m just so impatient!!! Who needs a pattern! But let’s just say, Jemima is definitely the latest squeeze, so I am wondering whether her matching attire will convince Bugs to wear my creations a bit more regularly. An experiment I will keep you posted on.


Look at this goof ball. Best way to take photos of her, ask her to sing Upsy Down Town! Did I mention it’s Kids Clothes Week! The theme this round is Storybook theme, so we fit right in!