I’m back at it again with a pair of Made by Rae’s big butt baby pants.


This flannelette was reserved for a second cot sheet for Hamster but it was  screaming at me from the sewing basket to be made up into apparel so here we are!


The appliqued top idea I totally stole from Kristin from Skirt as Top because I loved the effect and it takes two seconds to cut out some eyes and Vliesofix and ta da!, your very own googley-eyed shirt! It’s my latest fiddle, buying cheap cheap shirts from Big W and trying my hand at applique. Enter, the appliqued H sweat shirt which ended up a bit average as my stitching kinda ruined the font!


The little butt piece is some left-over red corduroy from my stash. Nice and sturdy for a bottom that gets into all sorts trouble!

Overall, the outfit might look like pjs but I love it and I think they will see the big wide world rather than just the bedroom!