With the slight reprieve of Buggy’s Lucy Dress, we are back into the boys’ sewing. But seriously, how cute is this kid?!!



Hee, hee. I love that look on the swing. I think I recognise myself in that shot. Curiously looking out at the world with knitted brow. Did I mention it’s Kids Clothes Week again???


Hence, why you will see a plethora of sewing from me this week as I have gone a little crazy filling my teeny man’s wardrobe with winter warmers.


Today’s creation comes from Melly Sews – her Clean Slate pants. Without doubt this is absolutely my new all-time favourite pants pattern. So I’m going to include a gazillion photos! Do you see those cute lined pockets below?


I used a fine porcupine corduroy with a blue pin stripe for the pocket lining. The pattern allows for lined front pockets and welt pockets at the back. This may show the pockets a little better:

It’s my first time sewing welt pockets, and besides going off the wrong size placement, they worked so well and I LOVE the result. With tapered leg, they are so grown up but still have a nice comfy elastic waist for that nappy butt.


I need to mention here that I wish I could find time to learn how to knit so when I receive knitted goods for my kids I am so happy. This jumper was made by Granny Falconer, Hamster’s Scottish great grandmother and alas she never got to meet him or know that her hard work is now worn regularly by this little guy.


Bugs never got to wear this jumper as we had moved to Darwin by this age, and I was a bit worried about whether the colour was ‘manly’ enough, but I think it suits him perfectly.


And finally, in the words of Hamster, bye-bye!