The trouble with living down under is that the beautiful European summer patterns come out at the wrong time of year. Luckily for us, until this recent dull, grey cold snap we were having some pretty nice sunny June days so Bugs got away with wearing the new Lucy Dress out to play. She hates winter clothes anyway!


Marte from Compagnie M needed a proofreader for her Lucy pattern and I put up both hands for the job! This is a relatively easy sew if you are familiar with shirring or even if you aren’t! Marte gives you some shirring lessons for three different sewing machines.


I decided to take the fake placket option but only sewed it the length of my shirred section as I didn’t have enough buttons for the entire length!


My fabric is a Japanese floral I picked up from Dragonfly Fabrics when we lived in Darwin. Was going to be the lining for a bag but I am glad of the change of plan.


Like I say, no problems in this sew-up for me except my hastiness led to some silly mistakes (all fixable!). The placket means you end up with a bunch of elastic thread ends behind the placket which I find a bit messy and I am still unconvinced about not back stitching the elastic thread. So I stitched lots of vertical rows down my placket to ensure the shirring doesn’t come undone. Maybe it’s overkill and maybe someone with neater sewing gets a better result! But no-one sees the inside except me!


The best news is, it has had the seal of approval by its wearer and subsequently has had many outings with long sleeves and tights underneath since these photos were taken.



We make summer work for us year round!