Recently, I looked at our couch and was dismayed at how four of the cushion covers were torn. TORN! What an embarrassment. Sigh, the life of sharing a home with two little munch-cakes who go hard. So I decided a revamp of our poor lounge was in order and I had just the fabric in my stash.


The first cushions got a make-over with this great multi-colour fabric I picked up in Bali last year. I bought a bunch of fabric on that trip (not as much as I would have liked; hubby does not understand the need for copious reams of fabric) and I am glad to finally put some to use.


The rectangle cushions got recovered by some batik fabric my grandmother had in her stash and recently handed over to me. I love this fabric although it is a bit thin so I hope it stands up to the test of those aforementioned munch-cakes.


I re-used the cushion inserts and zips from the previous covers and tried my hand at piping. The cream one is store-bought and the blue one I made myself from the batik fabric! Very happy with how it turned out.


Oh! And momentous moment, this is my very first time sewing zippers!! Zipper foot on the machine – check; YouTube instructional videos watched – check! And for a first attempt it didn’t go too badly. I think the cushions now work in better with the African dolls and other room features than the previous lot.


And then…

While I was sewing the covers I left the batik fabric on top of my machine one night and then had an idea….



A NEW MACHINE COVER! Much better than the ugly torn plastic cover that used to be on my machine. Why is everything in my life torn!! My sewing corner shares the same room as the lounge so it ties in nicely. This cover reminds me of the cover my grandparents have on their toaster. Well maybe mine’s fancier with the batik fabric, but the shape, you know. Does anyone else own a toaster cover??!?


As I mentioned, the batik is a bit thin so I made it a reversible cover with a spotty stronger cotton and this gives me the option of another look if  when we move. Yes we are renting, so life is a moveable feast. I have a project up my sleeve for this fabric that is on the dining table mid-construction, so this was the off-cut. Very exciting project and will be unveiled when I get my act together!! Watch this space…


Yes the cushions may not get much life with this one around, but for now we love them.