This post is a little overdue but there was so much going on with Easter sewing! My penultimate number created for Kids Clothes Week was a travel dress for Bugs. The theme for Kids Clothes Week this season was Mini Me, and I decided Bugs would act out my hobbies, in this case travel! Incidentally, this little camera has now become hers as it is from about four models ago and goodness knows why it is still in the drawer!


The dress is the old familiar Toddler dress (or Pillowcase dress) and I fear it might be my last for two reasons: Bugs is not a toddler anymore! And two, she really doesn’t like wearing them!


Which brings me to my next point: I have my eye on this dress for another project! You see, I LOVE this fabric so much. I spotted it in Darwin and grabbed whatever was remaining which was a metre eeked out. Given my daughter’s penchant for twirly dresses over tunics I am almost certain I will refashion this one into a tote for myself in the not too distant future so I can enjoy the fabric a little more.


Once again, in my third attempt at this pattern I forgot that it is ultra short so I had to add quite a considerable contrast band to the bottom to provide some length, but I actually like the idea of a contrasting band.


It was pretty fun pulling out the Tuscany guide and reminiscing about our trip when Bugs was only 18 months old. So I thought I had better end on that famous photo that was taken completely candidly when we were over there.