Buggy’s favourite book when she stays at Nanny’s house is The Princess and the Pea. The original was written by the wonderful Hans Christian Andersen but our edition is adapted by Lauren Childs (creator of Charlie and Lola) into a 3D world of hand-cut paper dolls, fabric mattresses she sewed by hand and doll-house sets created out of cornflake boxes.




But my idea for making our Princess came from Sarah Bowe and her entry in the Big Book of Softies.


It’s a great project to use up fabric scraps and I got my mattress and doll stuffing from Reverse Garbage, a brilliant organisation that as their tagline suggests, are ‘the experts in reuse’!


I’m not going to win any prizes for my embroidery skills, but I love how these softie projects are introducing me to different stitching methods and I am beginning to remember which is which!


The princess’s bed (as well as the apple blossom bedding) is actually my Barbie bed from when I was a little girl. It was made by a friend of my grandpa’s from memory. Pa, when you are reading, correct me if I am wrong! It is meant to have a canopy at the top but with all the new mattresses it doesn’t fit!


Our pea is on the large size, but for a 3-year-old I think any smaller and it would have been lost on the first day of play. Incidentally, it has just been served up to me in a pot of felt pasta!


For those starting out on a softies project this is definitely an easy one.
So get to it!!