Hello Ice-cream dress, where have you been all Buggy’s life? 


This is by far my most favourite item I have sewn to date!
WARNING: LOTS of photos to follow!


Finally, I have embarked on my first Oliver + S pattern. For those of you unfamiliar to the sewing world, this pattern designer has a bit of a cult following, and after pinning many of her designs to my boards I got my act together to buy an online pattern and take on my debut outfit!


Please welcome the Ice-cream dress!


Liesl Gibson is famous for her feature notches at the neckline…


… and sweet little pockets with similar notching (don’t look too closely at the curve of my pockets here!)


Everyone who blogs about these patterns is right. The instructions are well written and the dress is so lovely to make with gorgeous techniques that encase many of the hems and edges giving the inside as lovely a finish as the outside (as long as your sewing is accurate. A few dodgy bits for me here and there!)


Hands up who thinks a little ribbon in my Bugs hair returns her to her cutey-pie toddler looks rather than the big preschooler she actually is?


The fabric I used is a really sweet series of children’s story images. This one, obviously Red Riding Hood, but I have used the Three Little Pigs and Humpty Dumpty fabrics in overalls for Hamster when he was a babe.


My only disappointment is, that I probably should have made a size 4 as, although there is plenty of room in width, this pre-schooler is so darn tall with a boof head! With the onset of autumn I am hoping it will last till next summer but we can always try long sleeves and tights underneath!