Before Christmas, Buggy and Hamster celebrated their 3rd and 1st birthdays with a Sesame St party. For the kids’ outfits I decided to use the eye-popping Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric from Andover fabrics. Although not strictly Sesame St, I have been dying to use this colourful fabric and figured the bold primary colours represented the Sesame St theme regardless!


For Buggy’s dress I used Dawn Nicole’s tutorial of the gorgeous Piper dress. For those who haven’t visited her website, it has a shirred top with two wide fabric straps that pass over the shoulders and through a buttonhole at the front.


Dawn Nicole is right, this project is pretty easy once mastered, but it took me longer than Hamster’s nap time as it was a project of ‘firsts’ for this novice!

First there was the overlocker. I got a brand new one for my birthday back in June but had been too scared and too time poor to sit down with the instructions and figure it out. But after a long session of threading I was away and have never looked back! Oh the joy of seams now! And I managed to even try my hand at my first rolled hems with great success! And who knew that the overlocker comes with that handy little drawer and knife for cutting and collecting the extra fabric trims! Amazing!


This was also my first time shirring. Made by Rae has a great tutorial on shirring. And once I got started I realised it is not as daunting as it looks. For this pattern, I did find it difficult to sew in a straight line between the first four rows and the next due to the 1″ gap you have to leave (where the ribbon threads through at the front). But I ended up lining up with the edge of the sewing plate and it worked just fine.

I have a pretty basic Janome sewing machine but it worked well to wind the bobbin on automatically, but go slow and rest your hand on the top the elastic thread spool while it unwinds as it can go haywire! My biggest frustration: the bobbin doesn’t take much elastic thread so you have to keep replacing it on the bobbin mid-project.


A little different to Dawn Nicole, my straps ended up being 6″ wide raw (2″ finished). I found it was easier to fold and iron my remaining fabric in half rather than trying to cut out 4″ strips as per the pattern. I am the the world’s worst fabric cutter!


And there you have it! The perfect Sesame St party dress. After the presents were unwrapped, Ava had such a good time with her brother’s birthday wagon they turned out to be the best pictures!