Before the craziness of Christmas sets in, we have an extra hectic time preparing for two tiny tots’ birthdays which fall in December. This year Buggy was super excited about her Sesame St party or “Streets Party” as it had become known. Read more about Buggy’s birthday dress here.

Sesame_st_party wreath

My favourite part of organising this party was making the party wreath. I got the fantastic idea from How Does She? Except that I think I used over 200 balloons rather than her 144!

My Hamster rides his first wheelie bug and tries out his Elmo hat all the way from Chile, South America! Read more about the Hamster’s new strides here.

I was particularly proud of the my Cookie Monster cupcakes. Yay! Some baking by me pulls off!


And for the main birthday cake I baked two chocolate cakes to gain some height and covered with yellow butter cream, coconut dyed yellow, M&Ms and letter fridge magnets.


With a bit of face painting by grand-dad and Pin the Nose on Elmo, the kids had a great time!