I’ve been gathering ideas for a teepee for sometime. I’m not sure when I got inspired but I think it was watching the schmaltzy movie ‘Holiday’ with Cameron Diaz, when she sits in the fairytale tent with Jude Law’s kids.  It looked so cozy; the perfect escape for little girls to dream and imagine.

So I found some great instructions via Pinterest on two inspiring blogs, Lolovie  and Pink Toes and Powertools. The latter has to be thanked for her fantastic instructions which really were so simple for a first-time sewer like me. Most difficult part as always, the cutting out of material. There’s a lot!

What shouldn’t come as a surprise but did, was that after following Lolovie in New York with her beautiful teepee and her tips and frustration on buying material from Ikea, I had the same experience and found the same cute fox material she had used on the other side of the globe. The blogging world is small indeed.

I chose against the fox, and went with a slightly more psychedelic Swiss chalet look. The good news, on the first trial up in the house Ava went crazy running in and out and has had numerous teddy tea parties inside since.